Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another Boring Title

I am sure a lot of you are, but I think we really need to be praying for the people in New Orleans. The news is saying that it is America's deadliest disaster of the century. Here is a link to a story.

Another heads up: September 10th is "Don't Buy Gas Day". I'm sure a lot of you have already gotten an e-mail, but if a large number of people do not buy gas on this day, then prices should go down. So, I will try and remind everyone again on the actual day.

Thanks to everyone who helped with my survey. I got a LOT of feedback, and it really helped me out big time. I found that-obviously-a majority of people were right handed. Interestingly enough, almost everyone who had a dominant right hand had a dominant left thumb. Cool, huh? Well, maybe not to you, but I think so.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hola! I just got a CD in the mail. Me Without You <-----Check it out. It cracks me up. The guy has like this funny whiny voice. Here are some lyrics: Tell all the stones, we're gonna make a building-we'll be cut into shape and set into place or if you'd rather be a window, I'll gladly be the frame reflecting any kind words but if you stay up too late i'll throw you back into the cupboard with the chipped and dirty plates like the carnival game with the bottleneck and rubber ring before long I was too cold and so took a bus back to the staion i found a letter left by a pay phone with not return contact information, it was addressed: to total strangers, it read like a horn blown by some sad angel "bunny, it was me who let you down" it was the shyest attempt i'd ever seen at conversation So, yeah, it is pretty funny. Deep meaning disguised by....who knows what. On a more serious note. I have to do an experiment for biology. I need 50 volunteers. Needless to say, I am desperately looking for people to help me out. Do you want to help? PLEASE!!! :<) Okay, if you do, do this: Clasp your hands. Tell me which thumb is on top. Then tell me if you are right handed or left handed. yeah, it is that simple. :<) Adios, all.

Oh! And I got this idea from Josh's blog. I went on googlism and searched my name. :<) Some I thought were funny. I'm 13??? I'm expecting a kid? Right.... I'm the reason people get up every day. Bwa ha ha! Next I'm a marshmallow. Wow.

Googlism for: danikadanika is one of the greatest people

danika is going through
danika is much weaker than a normal child her age
danika is always the one to remind us that we need to pray
danika is taking a caffeine like medication that stimulates the part of her brain that reminds her to breathe
danika is not completely me
danika is the lord’s child and she tries to show this in the way she represents herself to those in her world
danika is sudden impact's third daughter
danika is the first horse lisa ever owned
danika is a former flight attendant and exotic dancer who speaks six languages and loves to show off her never
danika is here to fill his place and i
danika is
danika is committed to uncompromising quality in all its products
danika is the editor of the online newsletter cybertiger and supervisor of the alumni web pages
danika is a strong endurance competator
danika is the next best thing to it
danika is responsible for compiling and distributing information about our weekly field trips
danika is so nice
danika is the joy in our lives and the reason we get up each day
danika is truly an inspiration to us
danika is felemelte a kezét 2
danika is beteg lett
danika is still with us
danika is the co
danika is an exceptional
danika is an
danika is disrespectful
danika is playing peekaboo
danika is so great
danika is absolutely right saying we need to pay attention to the work of the institute
danika is slowly giving in to him
danika is coming back with a light dusting of sand on her gown
danika is an excellent broodmare as well as trail mount and lesson horse
danika is a fabulous filly by the great trakehner jumper abdullah
danika is working on her magic tricks that she is going to do at big?s big birthday party
danika is copyrighted by me
danika is a performance poet
danika is a sophomore with an undeclared major
danika is the only girl competing in this tournament
danika is 26 years
danika is scared of those geese
danika is also an actress
danika is in third grade
danika is my new pc
danika is dying
danika is a stylish elevated slide featuring hand
danika is caught by mistress cristian trying to top
danika is doing a magic act at bigs's birthday party
danika is almost three and colby is eight months old
danika is a junior foreign communications major and a member of the centenary crew team
danika is much more schooled than her apperance would lead one to believe
danika is sure a marshmallow monster is haunting the lake
danika is a lovely
danika is an 11 year old female
danika is a champion
danika is home
danika is a qualified travel agent and specialised in company services
danika is as bright as her parents
danika is a web designer/developer for bbci based in london
danika is a writer and will finish up at wvu soon
danika is a canadian national living in canada who speaks english
danika is 11 weeks at the time of this update 7/1/02 and is weighing in at a whopping 12lbs 5ozs and is 24 inches long
danika is a senior at siu
danika is an exceptional athlete
danika is shared by ~2
danika is extremely dangerous
danika is a fierce competitor and has an excellent work ethic
danika is indul a választásokon az Új baloldal
danika is a strong woman
danika is a grad student in the
danika is only 13
danika is still sleeping incredibly poorly
danika is expecting her daughter at the end of june
danika is sure a marshmallow
danika is the best
danika is indeed a male and now has become cubby
danika is using drugs
danika is coordinating a charity fund
danika is a dressy slide
danika is no fan of physicians
danika is online

Monday, August 29, 2005

So Crazy

Crazy day-Monday. Three classes. All of which were pretty stinky. A lot of evolution, socialistic, anti-Bush stuff today. How great! A funny thing happened. I was the only one who knew how to do a Punnett square and the prof asked me to demo it. In front of the class. On the board. Wow. That was nuts. Then I went to Wally World cause my compass STILL isn't right for my geog class. I locked myself out of my car. Yeah, really. Both my parents were gone, so I had a neighbor bring me my keys. How sweet of her! And I felt so dumb! Anyway, I got to the vet's office late, only stayed for an hour. Had a REALLY short practice, cause everyone was so dead from this weekend. Then came home. Have LOTS of homework. That is why this entry is so short and choppy. Sorry. I am confused again. What to do with future. At the vet's office, there were these adorable five day old puppies. The vet was declawing them. Oh, man, that sucked. The poor things totally cried. I just don't know if I want to do that. I want to interact with animals, but not stuff like that. I'm so confused again...*Sigh* Adios. I'm off to try and do my stupid homework.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Soccer Games

Well, soccer was pretty much the highlight of my weekend-first, because it rocked and, second, because it was all I did. The first game was a home game on Saturday. It was....interesting. We got creamed. It was like 5-0, but I really had a blast. I have never played an official game of soccer in my life, so I had a little bit of confusion figuring out who I was supposed to be marking and so forth, but it was still awesome! I loved it. It was funny, because I got totally beaned in the head with a ball. I totally hit the ground and laid there for a minute. I probably could have prevented it with a header, but I just didn't have the reflexes I guess. For the rest of the game after that I felt really disoriented. I had to like think really hard to figure out what I was supposed to be doing and stuff. The best part is my Dad got the whole thing on the camera. Yes, he was videotaping. :<)

Today I had another one. It was in Fraser which was like four hours away. This time we won. Hooray! I felt like I still made a few mistakes, but I think I did better. I think.... It was awesome. My Dad took me up, so we got to hang out for the day.

Well, chao. I still have like two hours of the weekend to use, so I am going to seize the opportunity. Too soon the week will start. What a sad thought.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Mystery Movie

This used to be one of my favorite movies. My Grandpa gave it to me for like my 7th birthday. I watched it all the time! So, I was bored and thought I would try and see if you guys could guess it. The picture is perfect, because it's kinda blurry. Bwa ha ha! So mysterious. Okay, so it isn't THAT mysterious. See you next week!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nothing Highly Exciting

Hola! I just finished working on some research for that anthropology project I was talking about. For our project, my partner Vidi (Does that have anything to do with that Latin quote?) thought we should do the project where we come up with a science fiction world and have different types of people. We were thinking herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. We would have a catastrophic event happen-a volcano and see how the different groups react. Could be interesting. Who knows.

I want to post an interesting thing that Rabenstranger said about my post on the stupid sociology theories. Here it is: "
Your sociology text book is obviously written from what as the "behaviorist" perspective of psychology.

According to behaviorist theory, the mind is an illusion and humans, like all other animals, act in a preprogrammed manner to stimuli.

While the behaviorist perspective is very effective in predicting short term and other specialized circumstances (such as addictions) it falls hopelessly short when it attempts to rationalize advandced concepts unique to humans such as love, creativity and markets.".

Well, have a nice day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

First Day Of School

I'll basically just write what I wrote in my "diary" for my first day of school. I actually call it a notebook. I just write notes and observations, so it is NOT a diary. A diary is a place where you bag on your parents or write how cute that dude next to you in math class is. Ew! Nobody laugh....

It has been the craziest day I have had in a long time. It started out with me setting out to take movies back before class. As I was on the way to Blockbuster, I realized my class started at 10:00-not 10:30 like I thought. Ouch! I think I spaced out on it since I have been trying hard not to think about it. Well, I was obviously late to anthropology. Whoops! But it wasn't too bad. The class seems interesting except I have to do group projects. Ugh! I hate that type of stuff. I want my own grade. Not someone else's. Next: sociology. Pretty okay, I doubt it will be a very interesting class. But the teacher seem nice enough. Then geography. Teacher seems like a cool guy. He used to coach football and baseball. Anyway, I have to buy an atlas and a compass for the class. And I might have to get a different edition anthropology book-mine wasn't the right one. So much for being prepared...
Next part of day: Vet's office. Good to be back. I haven't gone all summer. Hmm, that reminds me that I have to log what I did. Argh!
Next: Practice. I stunk really bad! And one of my dummy teammates was having a lot of fun making fun of me. Talk about confidence plummeting! And I'm starting to get REALLY nervous about next weekend's game. I guess I just need to have fun, right?

I'm working on my sociology chapter. This class could turn out to be...interesting. Quote from book:
"Human actions are limited or determined by 'environment'. Human beings become what they are at any given moment not by their own free decisions, taken rationally and in full knowledge of the conditions, but under the pressure of circumstances with delimit their range of choice and also fix their objectives and the standards by which they make choices (Shiles, 1985, p. 805)".
We can't blame everything on circumstances! We have choices and many times bad things are consequences of human stupidity.

I deleted a few things. Some things I didn't feel like posting on the net. And some things I just had to change my attitude on and decided that it was rude. :<) Sorry if all of that is really random, but my notebook is really random.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

Sebastian Junger

227 pages


I read this book after I watched the movie. (Shouldn't it be the other way around?) At the beginning of the book, I really enjoyed it. It delved into the lives of the sailors and showed who they were. The characters were surprisingly different from the movie. But as the book progressed, it tended to focus on the technical aspects of things. I don't mind that, but there was a whole chapter about the mechanics of waves, and I was quite lost and bored. Some people may enjoy this writing style, but I did not like it too much. One last thing I did not like is that there was that the people's lives seemed so empty. They seemed like they had nothing to live for. Their life was the sea, and they had nothing else. A fair amount of cussing and drinking went along with this lifestyle and I did not appreciate reading about it. Overall, I would give the book three stars. It was good, but not quite what I anticipated. I suggest getting it from the library, not buying it, if you want to read it.

Sadly, I am going to take "The Pickle is Feeling" off for the time being. Unkymoods isn't working. Man, this stinks!

Friday, August 19, 2005

What I Did This Summer....

Here is the runaway bunny my sister found while mowing the lawn. We had to return him to his family that lives under the giant pine tree in our front yard.

And this is one of the scariest roller coasters at Dorney Park. My Dad took my sister and I when we were on vacation in Pennsylvania.

At the end of camp, we all thought we should pose like "real" spies. :<)

This is me and my creation: the potato gun. Man, that was fun!

Here is Emily eating a hot dog in NY. Hooray, Emily!

Some of my friends and I using sparklers on the 4th of July.

My brothers after the very eventful Colorado Rapids soccer game.

Here are some of the "highlights" of my summer. Since only the weekend is left, I thought it might be a good thing to post. *Goes off and cries about the return of school*. Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What I Did On My Day Off

One my day off, I acted like a hippie. :<) It was SO fun! I had a friend over and my sister had a friend over. I just planned on doing a t-shirt (4th from the left), but I had such a blast that I decided to do an old pillow case (2nd from the left). It turned out to be my favorite. It is currently on my bed. Or on the floor, because my bed isn't made. :<) If you ever want to try tye-dying, go to this website and it tells how to do some stuff. I found I didn't like using more than two colors. When my friend and I used three, we came out with some barfy colors-like brownish red. It wasn't the height of fashion I guess you could say.

INTERJECTION-OUCH I HAVE A BAZILLION MOSQUITO BITES!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm done. I wonder if that will even make sense...

I learned a sweet new word. Okay, at soccer practice, we have been doing fartlicks. Well, I thought that is how it was spelled. It is actually fartlek and it is Swedish for speed play. Yay! That is my neato new information. Basically, fartleks are when you run intervals jogging then sprinting, jogging then sprinting.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

An Article and Two Movies

This is an interesting story. I would think that a woman who had lost her son who was fighting for his country might honor his memory by respecting what he was fighting for. I think it is just fine to have anti-war views (I sympathize with them.), but it would seem that this woman is making things harder for herself. Just a thought....

I watched this movie this weekend and it is one of my new favorites. It is rated R, so you might want to check out this review first. It really made me think about how costly war is and how it should be avoided at all costs.

Another good one is K-19: Widowmaker. It was really interesting, because it was from a Russian perspective. Here is the review.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Quiz

This took me FOREVER, so I hope you all really appreciate it....Whatever. :)

Where I was born: Self explanatory I hope.

My favorite food-Sloppy Joes. Except the ones I eat look NOTHING like this. And the pickles aren't that color either. Neither is the plate....

Shoes I Like: CONVERSE!!!!

Favorite ice cream: Is it technically ice cream or not. Hmmm....

A good smell: Fresh sheets!

Favorite song: "Summer of '69" by Bran Adams. I so need to get this CD.

Another good smell: Outside after or during rain.

Favorite TV show: Full House. So out of date, because I haven't had TV since like I was seven.

Where I grew up. Half here and...

Half here...Canon City

Favorite drink. OJ!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Weekend

Hello, weekend! The end of Friday night soccer practice signals the start of the weekend. Ah, sleeping in, watching movies-wait a second, I've been doing that all week. :<) Anyway, I am at home all weekend watching the hermanos and hermanas because my parents are out of town. So, not much is going on. And I don't really have anything to say either. Hmmm, let me think. Oh. I added quite a few blogs to my blog list. I've been searching around for new ones and found quite a few cool ones. So, go ahead and check it out!

The OMINOUS thought for the day: 9.5 more days until school starts..... AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I made a trip to the library today to get some reading material. I am hoping to squish a few more summer reading books in. Too soon life is going to get crazy and all I will be able to read will be textbooks and cereal boxes. :<) One book that I checked out was called "Cry, the Beloved Country" which I am really excited about. It sounded quite interesting.

Speaking of getting back to school, I am not sure if I am quite ready. Life is going to be crazy once it starts! Soccer practice, soccer games, eighteen credits hours at PCC, an economics class at home, art lessons, volunteering at the veterinary clinic, and work. I am really hoping I will still have time to do things like blogging, reading books, and playing my guitar. I guess things will turn out how they turn out!

It isn't only the non-busyness that will be hard to say good-bye to. There are so many "summer things" that will be sad to say adios to! Riding in my Jeep with the windows down and the music louder than many appreciate, tubing down the Arkansas with a friend on a hot day, swimming laps at six in the morning, reading a book for hours on end in an air-conditioned building, going out for ice cream at ten o'clock at night, Friday night BBQ's, Tuesdays at the park playing soccer, the sound of cicadas in the backyard....I could go on forever. But I guess that summer wouldn't be exciting if it went on forever. So, I guess it is time to get ready for school and gear up for my last year of high-school (Whoa!). I know it will be a great year in which God will teach me a lot.

Oh! I made two really cool (at least I think they're cool) changes to my sidebar. First, I added the link to Virtue Magazine all the way at the bottom. It has examples of different articles. Second, I got an awesome idea from Smart Homeschool's blog. This blogger put an image of the book currently being read in the sidebar. So, it is more visually appealing. :<)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My Artistic Creation

I suppose it depends on how you look at it, but this could either be considered a product of my imagination or a product of my boredom. It is a vegetable pig born out of when I was making lunch. I didn't actually eat any of these vegetables in my lunch, but my Mom and sister did. They are the only ones that are actually healthy in the family. My idea of healthy is chocolate covered bananas. :<) It all started when my Mom was cutting up lettuce and decided to make a little nose out of the extra lettuce. So, I guess this Michealangeloish sculpture is credited to her. I just added all kinds of cool extra veggie pieces. Onion ears, cucumber eyes, green bean mouth, and a cucumber peeling, um, outline.

Virtue Magazine
Try out this neat website/blog. It is all written by Christian teenagers.

Monday, August 08, 2005

First Soccer Practice

Yay! I had my first soccer practice of the season. It was better than I thought it would be. I was really afraid that everyone would be awesome and I would suck. And I was also intimidated by the prospect of being around a ton of teenage girls. But, for the most part, they were all pretty nice. And as far as skill level goes, everything is gonna be all right. Hey, that reminds me of a song. "Every little thing is gonna be all right". Those are the only words that I can think of, but it is sort of Rastafarianish if you ask me. Maybe I am totally off on the whole music style analyzation. Does my rambling get boring? Does anyone actually read it or just skip it all....?

Anyway, I am really excited. I am interested to see how the season all works out. The coach is short like 6 players, so unless he gets more, we are all going to have a LOT of playing time. As in probably the whole game. That is an exciting prospect, but also a little scary. I guess I'll just have to get in there and figure out how to play.

Oh! I would like to tell everyone all my life goals for no striking reason, just because I felt like it. I added a new one today and it made me think of it. I have eighteen so far, so be patient with me. And if you don't feel like being patient, just don't read.
1: Make a potato gun (Already did, so that one is checked off and dated.)
2: Be in two states at once
3: Go scuba diving (I saw "Open Water" and it made me want to ensure that everyone knew I was going to be going.)
4: Travel to foreign countries (Duh)
5: See Horseshoe Falls (SO sweet looking in pics)
6: Trek through a jungle
7: Climb a 14er
8: Run a marathon
9: Eat a whole box of ice cream in one sitting (Ew! I better do that before my metabolism slows down.)
10: Stay up all night (Everyone makes fun of me, because I have never done it.)
11: Visit all eight biomes. (I'm such a dork.)
12: Read all of Shakespeare's works. (I started working on it, but then I got caught on Ted Dekker's books. I need to start up again after I finish my current fascination.)
13: Tube the Arkansas (Did sometime in May.)
14: Go backpacking (My Dad are planning on going sometime next summer. YAY!)
15: Do a triathalon (I am thinking about doing it in 2006-After I graduate. By then I will be all out of my highschool sports.)
16: Go paintballing. (No, I have never gone. Bard got my wheels turning by mentioning it, so I added it to my life goals.)

Okay, time to go. I've written a whole lot to much. I have a lot to say lately...
Sorry about the lack of pictures. For some reason, I can't get Picasa to work. Hmmmm....

Sunday, August 07, 2005

My Latest Projectile Weapon

Announcing the latest from "Danika's World": I'm such a dork! I start with a potato gun, and now I have a giant slingshot. This stuff just rocks. I considered putting a short person in the creation and seeing how far they would go, but certain authoritative figures adamantly discouraged the idea, therefore I stayed with rocks and other such objects. They went pretty far! Check out this wicked cool book for directions on how to make all the awesomely awesome projectile weapons.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

All Kinds of News

Wow! I have lots to say.

One: Here is another blog all you homies (Reverting to my actual roots. :>)) might enjoy reading. He is another great writer. He has homeschooled from grade 1. Wow! I hardly ever meet people that have done that.

Two: Results from an internet quiz found on Spunky Jr's blog. It tests your blog type. My results are
Your Blogging Type is Social and Responsible
You enjoy blogging and do all you can to advance the blogging community.
From helping friends set up blogs to getting rid of spam - you take a leadership role.
A super blogger, you tend to blog regularly. You'd hate to disappoint your audience.
And always appropriate, there's no way you'd blog something too personal!

I pretty much agree except that it mentions the words "social" and "audience". That is totally not compatible with "The Pickle". "The Pickle" is not a social person and never enjoys audiences. (Oh boy, I am reverting to the third person. Whenever that happens...well, you just don't want to know.)

Three: I have to tell you about my fascinating day. My swim team was hosting the state swim meet. I didn't qualify for it, but I decided to help out with the whole extravaganza. The majority of the time I was in the concession stand which was the best part, because I got to people watch. I had several favorite people.
One was the Diet Pepsi lady. Diet soda drinkers are always finicky it seems. Anyway, she asked for a Diet Pepsi. I go to the fridge to retrieve one for her. I gave her a disclaimer that we had just put it in the fridge and it wasn't too cold yet. I asked if she still wanted to purchase one. She said yes. So, the other person in the concession stand goes up to her and says the total she owes. Suddenly, on a whim, this lady decides she doesn't want non-cold Diet Pepsi. She is like (in a really irritated way), "I think I would rather have a Diet Coke. Someone gave me a totally hot Diet Pepsi". And she said it right in front of me as if I wasn't the "someone". So, yeah, that was funny. By the way, the Diet Pepsi was so not hot. Anyway...that was fun to observe.
Another funny one was the corn person. Cool nickname, huh? Well, this girl wanted to buy corn. She's like "How much is it?". I turn around and ask one of the other people in the concession stand, because I wasn't sure. (They had changed the price a few times during the day.) The person said a dollar. So, I turn to corn person and say "a dollar". She's said, "Oh, we thought it was fifty cents.". I said, "Well, this person just told me it is a dollar." Well, she keeps going on about how they said it was a dollar over the loudspeaker and all this stuff. (I won't post the whole boring conversation.) Finally, I was like, "Fine, take it for your measly little fifty cents, you crazy tightwad corn person". No, I'm just kidding. I didn't say it like that and I really wasn't even mad. I just thought it was amusing. Oh well.

I guess I better stop writing. I can never handle to read other people's long boring posts, so I'll just stop before mine becomes an even longer boringer (is that a word?) post.

Friday, August 05, 2005

New Blog

I found an awesome new blog. It is written by a fifteen year old guy. He's a really talented writer! So, if you feel like it, check it out!

I have made a new resolution. Yeah, I know it isn't New Years. Here it is: I have decided to withdraw from society. :<) I would like to be a hermit. The only time I will ever go out is to go to the library, the movie store, and to the grocery store to get ice cream. I have to keep stocked up on reading material, movies, and my main staple in life. I haven't quite decided where exactly I would live, but it would need to be a little tiny house in the woods. I would have two or three horses, some kittens, as many dogs as I could afford to feed, and a reptile/amphibian room. Oh, and I would like to have a dirtbike. Man, that would be fun....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Hey! I finally have AIM, so if any of you have it, tell me. Plus, I have MSN IM. Anyway, if anyone wants to chat, coolio! My AIM is PurplePickle0505 and my MSN IM is

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Can anyone see my profile picture? And are the links to the stuff on my sidebar red? I obviously redid my template, but a lot of the stuff isn't showing up. Thanks to anyone who notices. Hey, I sound like Eeyore. "Thanks for noticin' me". I actually do feel that sometimes. Wow! Someone actually noticed me. :<)

Monday, August 01, 2005

My Dark, Inner Self

Before you get all excited about reading some stupid thing about my "dark, inner self", well, just don't. This was just a ploy to get someone to read this. :<) Actually, I do have something slightly humorous to say. "Ahem!". Okay, here goes. There is no going back. Whoever I tell this to cracks up at me. Okay, I'll quit putting it off. Really. Now this is all just a bunch of hype about a stupid little factoid on me.

I love listening to Johnny Cash and Elvis. Yeah, I know it is weird, but it is true. My Grandpa got me hooked on Elvis, and my Dad started listening to Johnny Cash. Therefore, I now listen. I actually enjoy doing puzzles and listening to Elvis at the same time. These cool little links to songs won't work on my computer, but, hey, maybe your computer is able to handle it. Tell me if you are able to watch the "music videos" for Elvis. How could that be possible???.....