Friday, August 31, 2007


This was the longest, fastest week of my life. Yeah, I know it is completely nonsensical. I don't care though. I am officially done with classes about to get in my car and vamoose from school for exactly 2.75 days. Have a fantastic weekend!

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fishing For Your Kisses...

Hehe...Title is from a funny song. Yesterday, on campus, we had an involvement fair. All the clubs on campus come out and set up booths in order for freshmen and also some other year students to get an idea of how they can get involved on campus. I manned the medical science booth for an hour. While there, I had the priviledge to listen to a band that is composed of students that attend CSU-P. Interesting stuff. A guitar, harmonica, jimbae, and a bass. You can check them out here.

First round of organic chemistry homework. It was rumored to be an easy set, but I have a few questions. Thank you, Jesus, for the twice weekly study sessions. I'll be there tonight! :)

It is starting to cool down around here. I am wearing jeans today. Wow! Yesterday on campus we had some intense flooding. "Unfortunately" (Actually, I was amused), I had to change buildings between classes during a torrential downpour. The puddles AKA ponds between buildings were up to my ankles. It was amusing to see people in the bathroom drying their socks with the hand dryer. I love it!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Second Day

I forgot my lunch this morning. Tragic. Luckily, all the buildings were giving away free breakfast burritos. I saved one for later in the day. Then I splurged a buck for some icky crackers from the vending machine. Most interesting food I've eaten in a while...

I did my first round of research with a professor today. We are investigating rats in senescence which is basically the deterioration of an animal in old age. Through a process of recording preferences of rats (Yes, we really work with rats.) along a temperature gradient, one is able to see how these preferences change with age. It was very odd to be in the basement of the biology building, alone in a room with the exception of a lone rat. It was very quiet....I worked on my cell biology lab report while waiting for times to do the various temperature readings.

Ichthyology (study of fish) should be intersting. There is no final exam, most of the lectures are those presented by students (undergraduate and graduate alike), and we learn how to fly fish. This whole graduate class concept fascinates me...


Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day

Hola to the first day and adios to my summer. I'm glad to get back to the schedule and working toward my goals. I am, however, sad to see all my summer adventures fly out the window. Weird how nostalgia can set in when you only did something several weeks ago.

Got up at 6. The sun was just coming up. Hmm, talk about not natural. :) Got ready and met up with a friend I carpooled with at the World of Wallies AKA Wal-Mart. Left for CSU-Pueblo, got there a little early, cause I drive too fast. Ooops. Anyway, got to Organic Chemistry and listened to some review. I have to admit I have been dreading this class basically the whole time I have been aware of it. Every time the phrase "O. Chem" is mentioned, people shrivel up and tell horror stories of ten hour long study sessions and no on in history ever getting any grade higher than a C in the class. We'll see how true that is.

Next was vertebrate physiology, one of the classes I was looking most forward to. Not is the class with a professor I really enjoy and have talked to about doing some research, the subject fascinates me. We'll see how it goes.

So, now it is 11. I've been done for an hour. Normally, I would have a 3 hour o. chem lab, but labs are always non-existent the first week. Woo hoo! Anyway, I'm getting things done on campus until 8:30, because that is my friend's last class. I cross my fingers that poli sci majors get out of classes early. :)

Have a rockin' awesome day!


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Woo hoo!!!!

Newest update on the blessings God has brought to the orphans of Kenya and Uganda!!!

The 270,865 (43,000 lbs) of nutrient enriched meals have finally been granted the "Exemption from Duty" Certificate that we have been working on for 10 months. Praise the Lord!
Through the difficulties of replacing staff, the situation brought a man into our lives (Martin) who was an ex-Custom Duty Officer who worked on the very dock in Mombasa where our food was being held. I met Martin at his request. I met he and the town Elders of Webuye as a result of them hearing about the difficulties as we replaced the managers of the Webuye Children's Home. During our conversation I mentioned that we were disappointed in the former staff being unable to get the 40 ft. container that we had raised $9,000.00 to ship containing $45,000.00 worth of doanted food. It was then that "Martin" began to inform me of the "corruption" that abounds in the Kenya Custom Department and how that everyone wants a bribe to move the paper work to the next level. I was amazed and discouraged at the same time, knowing that we were not going to "bribe" anyone in this process. I felt that we would just be adding to the already corrupt culture of Kenya if we were to begin paying "bribes."
I asked Martin if he thought he could assist us getting the food exempted from duty without paying bribes. Tears came to his eyes and he said, "If I could help get this food into Webuye for the hungry children, it would the largest thing I have ever done in my life." What a divine meeting this was! What Satan meant for evil, God turned around and sent a man to us who could actually get the exemption certificate. (Otherwise - the duty was over $28,000.00 and the storage would have be $10.00 per day for 10 months.)
What an awesome God we serve. Thanks to all who have prayed for this action to be completed. God has heard and answered our prayers in a miraculous way.
On Monday, Godfrey and Martin will travel to Nairobi again to meet with the shipping company and then will go to Mombasa to sign for the release and shipment of the food to Webuye. They need around $300.00 for transporation and hotels in Nairobi and Mombasa for 4 nights. If you want to assist with an offering towards their expenses feel free to e-mail and let me know. You can go on-line and send it through Pay Pal at our site
Thanks for you love for the orphans of Kenya. Together, and through our persistence, we are truly making a difference in the lives of many orphans. Now 844 orphans will receive a nutritious meal every day for an entire year. Praise the Lord!


Thursday, August 23, 2007


So, since I have been gone for so long, there has been a lot going on in life. In June, I left for Mexico for 5 days. It was an amazing experience that got me in the mindset for Africa. I never thought living conditions could be worse. I got back and left on the plane for Africa the next day. It was experience that changed my life and hopefully the lives of the kids I was around. When I left, I felt like I left a part of myself there. I have some pictures of both Mexico and Africa posted here.

Additionally, please check my Mom's blog for another opportunity to bless the kids in Kenya. The skirts were a huge success in Webuye, Nambale, Kimilili, and Uganda. I was so blessed to see how blessed the orphans were by the skirts that everyone contributed.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Invisible Children

Check this out! I am planning on saving all my spare change up to buy some bracelets. What can we actively do with the blessings He has given us?


Saturday, August 18, 2007


So school is about to start up again. Only 8 days to go. Ah! This summer has been amazing. Some of the hardest things I've ever gone through. Some of the best experiences of my life. God has spoken to me so much through it. I will never be the same person again. I think it is important to share with other people about these experiences. The primary way I do that is through writing. I write in my notebook, but no one sees that. Therefore, I am restarting my blogging. Hooray!

-Went on a missions trip to Africa that changed my life
-Went on a missions trip to Mexico
-Read a book "Velvet Elvis" that completely changed the way I think
-Made some amazing friends
-Got out of some unhealthy situations
-Learned to ask God questions and wait on His answer
-Learned how to pray
-Started to passionately pursue who God made me to be and try to figure that out

"I cannot help but speak of the things I have heard and saw"