Thursday, January 28, 2010

List of To Not Do's

Do not:

-Forget to take out earrings when wearing uniform.

-Put a pbj in your backpack for any longer than 1 hour. You won't recognize it if it is there any longer than that. I blame the immunology textbook....

- Wear non-waterproof non-boot type shoes to a cow dairy.

-Set facebook mobile to send updates to your cell phone at all hours of the day. And night. Some people are online at 3 am. Seriously.

-Work at a zoo if you do not like poop. I have seen many types of poop. Camel, pig, chicken, bunny, monitor lizard, turtle, reindeer. And it is only week 3....

-Expect to get away not knowing that complement is in the order C1q, C1r, C1s, C4a and b, C2a and b, C3a and b, C5 a and 6, C6, C7, C8, C9 with C3a and C5a being powerful anaphylotoxins, C3b being a opsinization inducer, and CD59 preventing this on human cells. Yes, it all means something. I think.....

-Expect to get away with going to sleep at 8:30 pm on a regular basis without being razzed. To a great extent.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Superhero PJ Night!!!!!

Announcement, announcement!!! Tuesday night is superhero pj night. :D Yes, Luke and I have matching pjs, courtesy of the awesome madre y padre. No shame, no gain. Or something like that.... :D


Saturday, January 16, 2010


.... a blog that Luke created. Luke and I have not had too much luck with communicating since he has been gone. With the exception of the last day or two....
First, we realized that we can catch each other online at my 5 am and his 9 pm. So, we try to IM when we can.
Second, he got a phone card!!!!! :D I have had a few 2 or 3 minute conversations with my guy. It is really good to hear his voice and know that I am not imagining his existence. ;)
Third, a new blog!!! What a cool idea. He created a blog where we can both post! I was quite impressed with his ingenuity! ;)

In other news, the semester has begun. It will be quite the busy one as I am working part time, doing two part time internships, taking an immunology class as well as ROTC. I am hoping that the semester flies by in a blur of excitement, adventures, and challenges. When it is over, praying that it will be possible to go to Okinawa somehow and see my love. :)

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