Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Awesome Randomness

The study of animal poop is called scatology. I think I will be a certified scatologist at the end of my zoo internship according to my hours observing it. AKA raking and shoveling it. You've got kangaroo, bat, elk, zebra, ostrich, lion, penguin.....and the list goes on. :D

So, the combination of a kick butt PT workout and the kick butt coldness of the outdoors caused my sweat to evaporate off me, condensate on my beanie, gloves, and ponytail, and promptly freeze. I looked like a walking snowflake. :)

The Wally World oil changing people failed in their attempt to screw me.....I paid for fuel injection and didn't get it. I interpreted the receipt succesfully and got my money back. Genius!!!! Except I need to figure out where to get fuel injection service done.....