Saturday, June 06, 2009

Brain Transplant

The weirdest thing about my life right now...I have spent significant parts of my life in a place and undergoing thing that no one I know here in C-town is aware of. I don't say that in a flippant way; I I say it to try to explain some frustration. The only people who experienced what I experienced for the last five months of my life are either in another state or another country all together. My brain is telling me that is has undergone a complete transformation. In fact, I may have a totally new brain. Trying to explain this transplant is something I cannot get into the right terms. Sometimes the only thing that relays change and the things I have gone through is the evidence of the fruit of that change. So, here I come world....

So, this is random. Once upon a time, I met this guy...We hung out for two weeks and he left for another state. Even more random, I went down to that state for five days to visit. Then about a month later he headed off to Iraq. About 3 months after that, I headed out for the most random adventure of my life. Well, 9 months has passed since then. Nine months since I have seen this guy that I'm *ahem* crazy about. In less than a week, I will see him again. What a thought. Glad my brain underwent a transplant. My old one would have conked out by now with all the processing it is undergoing....


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Russia Outreach Video