Sunday, February 21, 2010

Confessions of a Twenty-Something Anti-Drama Queen

On my way to Springs Friday night, I pulled the ultimate female version of the bachelor. One, I get off work around 4:45. Although I had showered that morning after PT, I felt as if I could use another shower after hugging dogs all day. My sixth sense told me that the people I would be seeing in Colorado Springs that night wouldn't be the biggest fan of "El Doggie" perfume direct import from GA Health Care....So, rather than drive "all the way" across town to my during the week home to shower, I took a more direct route to the university gym. Where I proceeded to take a shower at the girl's locker room. I picked the perfect time-theoretically after girl's softball got out and before all the rock climbers-before the showers were rampant with people. So, I could shower in the barracks-esque showers in peace and privacy. My female version of the bachelor varies in that a bachelor may not have given a rip or a thought to the last point.

Part two: I had some time before I needed to be in Colorado Springs. And I was hungry. So for a grand total of three dollars and 4 something cents, I got a double cheeseburger, sundae, and french fries from the infamous Mickey D's. And I sat in a booth, eating my grease, reading a book, and halfway watching McDonald's TV which is not a fictional notion by the way...

Part 3 of my night isn't so much bachelorette as it is creepy ghost-town like. I had an appointment for an MRI at 7:15 at Fort Carson. 7:15 as in 1915. As in 7:15 pm. Weird....Anyway, I finally find the correct entrance after walking around the whole entire hospital, trying to find my way through the construction maze. I walk in and find a soldier receptionist lady. She points out the MRI wing to me. I walk in and feel like I have entered a Halloween version of House, just waiting for some zombie anesthesiologist to jump out and kill me with a scalpel. After wandering around the dark halls a bit, an x-ray technician finds me and tells me to wait in a waiting room. A dark waiting room with no one else in it. So I wait....And wait....A while later, the MRI tech comes and finds me and leads me down another dark hall. Now, conspiracy is going through my head! ;) In any case, I got some scrubs on, entered the MRI tube, listened to cool alarm like noises for twenty minutes, almost fell asleep, and was suddenly done.

The end. :)