Thursday, March 31, 2005

More shoes....

More shoes Posted by Hello

I LOVE these! Once again, Converse....

All I can say is...wicked.


Shoes Posted by Hello

Now these are rockin'! Well, I guess all Chuck Taylors are rockin'. Except I would so go for low tops. I don't really care for the high top thing. But I guess if you had pants it wouldn't really matter. But I don't think I would be caught dead in a pair of high tops and shorts..... :<)


Shoes Posted by Hello

Aren't these awesome? I love any type of Vans or Converse! I have this same pair except the checkers are bright green and turquoise. I always feel so...bright when I wear them. My Mom says they are like so eighties. All right-authenticity!

Suppposedly, you used to be able to customize these. You could pick three colors and get them all on the shoe. I would pick....I dunno. Maybe I would just do two and do red and black. Flippin' sweet!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


ChuckPosted by Hello

This is my dog Chuck (my last pet to introduce, by the way). I did NOT name him. Hopefully, you could tell that as soon as I told you his name. I mean, first, he doesn't have a middle name like most of my other animals. Plus, why would a creative person like me name a dog Chuck??!! (As you can tell, this is a bit of a sore spot for me.) My Dad named him by the way. :<)

In this picture, he is licking his chops, because he thinks he is going to get a treat. Every time I tell him to sit or lay down-as I told him while taking this picture-he thinks I am going to reward him. Hmm, as far as I know, that is beside the point. Oh well.

He's an awesome dog! Except that he is really old, so he is basically deaf, has arthritis, and is almost blind. Therefore, he can't play fetch or go on walks, so I find that to be a bummer. Oh well. He is still fun, because he just likes to hang out wherever you are.

Now, here is the funny part of Mister Chucks's personality. He sleeps in a laundry basket. Seriously. Somehow he squishes his huge, fat self (this picture is pretty slimming for him) into a tiny laundry basket. Needless to say, the basket is a little bent out of shape.

Well, have a nice day from me and Chuck. If you would like, you could e-mail Chuck a treat and he could like you for the rest of his days. :<)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Another one....

Wow! It's pretty amazing, but there has been another earthquake in Asia (Indonesia). Luckily, it did not result in another tsunami. The magnitude was 8.7. That's pretty big when you realize that the biggest ones are 10's.

So, I guess I will just ask that we pray for the people in Indonesia! This is pretty crazy stuff.

Monday, March 28, 2005


Fiddler Crabs Posted by Hello

This is Nefertiti. She is a little shy and that is why the pic is not so good. She wouldn't sit still. She kept trying to run away into her little Lego hut. But I outwitted her. *Laughs maniacally (Did I spell that right?)* Anyway, I moved the Lego hut out of the tank. Her and her tank mate, La Fawnduh enjoy hermit crab food. Yeah, you heard me. Hermit, not fiddler. They're a little demented I guess.

La Fawnduh

Fiddler Crabs Posted by Hello

This is La Fawnduh, one of my fiddler crabs. Guess where I got her name. Yeah, you guessed it. "NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!!" :<) I'm just guessing that "it" is a girl, so I guess in reality La Fawnduh could be a dude. Oh well, from what I can tell "she" likes her name. She lives in salt water and, as you can see, she really likes to hang out by the little plastic tree. Maybe she finds the plasticity of it comforting. Hmm....

Friday, March 25, 2005

Another movie *Gasp*

The Fast and the Furious Posted by Hello

My name is Danika, and I have been a movie-aholic whole life. *People chant, "Hello, Danika"*

Yeah. I have another cool movie. All of you will probably be shocked that I haven't seen it yet-"The Fast and the Furious". The story line was really good, the characters were pretty sweet, and the cars...well, they were AWESOME!!! I wish I had a car like that. Except I don't have like 100,000 dollars or more to spend on a car. Obviously.

I will warn you peoples that there is one scene you might want to skip or fast forward (fast forward if you still live in the stone age and have a VCR; skip if you are a little more with the times and have a DVD player :<))

BTW, I am not done with introducing my pets, but my Mom's camera was out of batteries, so I had to wait to take any pictures. I'll continue next week.

Genesis 29:15-"I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I iwll bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you."

Thursday, March 24, 2005

My Sister

My Sister Posted by Hello

This is my sister. She made the costume and did the whole picture thing. Both of which I have no idea how she did. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, I took the picture. Okay, so who cares about that. :<)

I just thought it would be cool to show you all.

Here is her blog address if you want to check her out.

Oceanus Ooh Ha Ha

Oceanus Ooh Ha Ha Posted by Hello

Here is another addition of my animal family. Sorry the picture isn't too great. He's obviously in water and he moves a lot, so I couldn't get a good one.

This is Oceanus Ooh Ha Ha. (Nice name, huh? :<))He is a male Betta. If you get up close to his tank or put something up by it, he will get really mad and flare out his gills. He looks like a little lion. Like he could actually hurt anyone. Ha ha!

Bettas are fish that if two males are put together, they will fight each other until one of them dies. So....make sure you don't put two males together!

He lives in a little green tank with little green rocks with a little green plastic plant. Did that sound like Doctor Seuss to anyone? .....Weird.

Anyway, he food. I've never tried anything else, so I don't know if fish food is his fav or not.

Well, there's not a whole lot you can say about a fish, so I guess me and Ocea will say adios. Just keep swimming!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Saga Continues....

Ali Bubbles Posted by Hello

Okay, so maybe it isn't a saga, but I just thought I would be interesting. Okay, so maybe I'm not interesting, but at least I am making an attempt. Okay, so maybe that attempt isn't even working, but....

Anway, this is my kitty Ali Bubbles. (Ali is pronounce Ally. I was younger when I named her, so I didn't know how to spell. Oh well. It makes for some interest, right?)

Ali Bubbles is about 5 years old I guess. We got her as a kitten, and she was SO cute! She's still cute, but nothing can beat kitten-cuteness.

She has many peculiarities. She can open doors. Seriously. She jumps up on the handles and pulls them down. She also dislikes eggs and tuna. Yeah, you read that right. She dislikes tuna. Wacko! She freaks out when she smells it, but when I give it to her, she just doesn't eat it. Her third peculiarity is that she likes to sit on her hind legs-like a squirrel or something weird like that. She'll sit like that and watch out the window for birds.

So, that's my cat. Oh, yeah! She likes to hula. She's really good at it too.

Well, aloha from Danika and Ali Bubbles!

Monday, March 21, 2005


Lysistrata Posted by Hello

Okay, this week, I will introduce you to all my non-speaking family members. First is my hermit crab-Lysistrata.

Lysistrata is very shy which is why you can't really see her in this picture. All you can really see is part of her claw which is purple. I got her name from the play "Lysistrata". Don't read it. And that is all I will say about it. The only reason I read it is because it was required for one of my lit classes.

Lysistrata's favorite food is grapes. (She likes red non-seedless, by the way.) She lives in a hut made of Legos, and rarely ventures out of it. When she does, it is to eat or take a bath. I have to watch her though. Somtimes she gets stuck in the "bathtub" which is actually a cut up plastic Chili's cup.

Oh. And by the way, Lysistrata's favorite movie is Edward Scissorhands. She feels like she identifies with Edward.

So, until tommorrow....have a nice day. And Lysistrata said to say that she enjoyed meeting you. Even if the conversation was a bit one-sided.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Awesomely Awesome Movie

Flight of the Phoenix Posted by Hello

Wow! I LOVED this movie. I watched it last night and decided that it was a new favorite. It was weird though, because out of my sister (Darth Elfy), my mom (Madre), and my Dad (Padre-o), only my Dad liked it. My sis went to bed halfway through it and my Mom also quit watching it. Oh well.

The story was really neat-o, the characters rocked, and the cinematography (That is a term my sister taught me. :<)) was awesome! Okay, this is really hard to explain, but in this movie, there were like visions or flashforwards. Whatever. But they were so bizarre. The picture was....sepia toned or something whenever they happened. Anway, after all that senseless babbling that probably did not make sense, I'll tell you that you should go rent the movie! Oh, and while you're at it, I would suggest that you get some snacks to go along with it. Like Butterfinger ice cream, or Doritos, or Mike and Ikes, or Pringles, or Nutty Bars, or all five of those things..... Have a good weekend!

The verse for the day: Psalm 84:1-2--How lovely is your dwelling place O LORD Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints for the courts of the LORD; my heart and flesh cry out for the living GOD.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Hooray! Spring break is officially here! I am so happy. (I won't think about the term paper I have to write, the job I have, and the science I have to work on.) Today is the official first day!

But that isn't the only thing I'm psyched about. I had a speech today and it went really good-for once. People laughed at all the right times, grimaced at the right points (It was on edible insects.), and, best of all, a few people said it was really good. Okay, so I am FINALLY getting the hang of it a little bit.

Well, to all of you peoples who get spring break, have a great one! I am going to enjoy every millisecond of mine!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Wonderful Mister Webster

Well, some new editions are being made to the dictionary. You'll never guess what they are- wedgie, Al Qaeda, cargo pants, irritable bowel syndrome, blog, and partial birth abortion. I, for one, cannot believe that "wedgie" is not yet in the dictionary. I mean, come on, that has been around for ages! I guess I can understand blog and Al Qaeda not being in there. But how long have IBS and cargo pants been around? Maybe they're only putting IBS in the dictionary because of that movie, "Ladykillers".

Well, I guess I'll leave you all with this lovely thought: Definition of a wedgie: noun. a prank in which the victim's undershorts are jerked upward so as to become wedged between the victim's buttocks.

*Bursts out laughing*

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Weird Quotient

What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!

So, I took the weird quotient test. And as you can see my score was 110. I'm not sure what exactly how weird that means I am, but I was given the following results: %17 were more weird, %6 are just as weird, and %76 are more normal. Hmm, interesting.

But what I want to know is what is "normal" and "weird" based on? I mean when I think normal, I think an average looking person, average grades, and stuff like that. But then again, many people have many different definitions.

So, I would have to say this quiz was fun, but I don't really think anyone could define how weird or normal a person is. Everyone just needs to be their own unique person and not care what others think!

"You're unique. Just like everybody else."

Have a nice day!


Ah! The wonderful experience of getting up at 7 o'clock on a Saturday morning to waste five hours on a test. Okay, so it wasn't a wonderful experience. I set my alarm for 7:00, but ended up getting up at 6:50. I had to leave by 7:30, so I ate breakfast on the way. (Toasted cinnamon bread. It was good, but I forgot the cinnamon sugar.) So, anyway, I get there, we have to sign in or whatever, take our seats, and on and on. If anyone has taken the SAT you will know how stupid the whole procedure is. You can't talk to anyone, you can't open your test books, you can't use certain pencils, you can't leave the building, and many more can't. What is ironic though is that this doesn't prevent people from cheating as it is supposed to. Hmmm, oh well. Not my problem. So, anyway, after 4 hours and 41 minutes of filling in the bubbles, I am done. I am relieved. I have already taken the ACT, so hopefully, I will not have to go back and spend another Saturday answering questions about the probability of marbles.

Friday, March 11, 2005


My computer is SO irritating. My Mom took it in to the "computer place" to get fixed. And ever since then, I can't log into Rogueskies, I can't post on people's blogs, I can't burn CDs, and my printer is whacked out. Aaaaaaaaaah! It's a love hate relationship!

Oh! I have a funny story-another one. Okay, for lunch today, we went to this place called La Roca. (Not my choice. My Dad's.) It was interesting. I got a quesadilla, and got tons of stuff on it. Beans, cheese, rice, and chicken. Wow! It was good, but SO hard to eat! There was so much junk stuffed in one tortilla. It was crazy! Okay, so I'm trying to eat it with my hands. Nope. That doesn't work. Everything just falls out. So, I try a fork. Hmm, nope. So, a fork and knife. That's okay. Although I'm like butchering the quesadilla. So, I'm vigorously cutting my tortilla with the fork and the fork explodes. (It was plastic.) Ha-ha! Everyone laughed-at me. It even cut my finger open and made it bleed! Maybe I should sue....JK! :<)

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Quick Entry

Hey! I'm on the computer at school, because I am all done with my assignments. The reason I haven't posted is because my computer is being fixed. So, I can't do my blog, go on RS, or do school. Argh!

Guess what I did the other day!! Me, my sister, and two of my friends went to Wal-Mart and walked through every single aisle. Ha ha! I guess that is what people do when they are bored in Canon City. It was so funny! We got out and we were all excited...about walking. Oh well. Teenagers have to do stuff like that, right?

Monday, March 07, 2005

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Posted by Hello

I watched like a gazillion (literally) movies this weekend. One of them was "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Great movie! The action and fight are really good! I enjoy Kung Fu "stuff", so this movie was entertaining. But the action was not the only good thing about this movie. The story line was very interesting! Romance, drama, action! Ha ha! So, hey, if you're looking for a movie to see, rent this one!

Oh! By the way, if subtitles bother you, don't get this one. It's all in Chinese. :<)

Funny Story

Okay, so maybe I will be the only one that will think this is funny, but I thought I would tell it anyway.

At band practice last week, me and some of the "band members" :<) were talking. Somehow we got onto the subject of muscles. You know high school guys and their...egoes. Well, this ninth grade guy decided to show us his muscles. He was like, "Yeah, I've been weight lifting and playing foot ball". So, I was expecting something pretty darn good. He lifted up his shirt sleeve and....nothing. Needless to say, I accidentally snickered. I mean how could someone consider those muscles? So, in order to cover up my "slip" I had to say something nice. So, I mumbled, "Cool". So, now he thinks I like his muscles. Darn!

So, now I am trying to think of a way to get him to stop thinking that. My idea was to show off my muscles. :<) I work with my Dad and I do a lot of lifting, so I actually have some good ones. But then again, why undermine that dude's male ego?

Friday, March 04, 2005

Books! The Reason I Live

I just finished an excellent book: "The Acts of King Arthur and His Nobel Knights". It was excellent! I love how all the old fashioned writing sounded. Plus, it had a sad ending. I am a sucker for sad endings I guess. I guess this book would probably place on my :<) So, now I am on to new things: "Exile's Valor" by Mercedes Lackey. I have only gotten about thirty pages into it, but it is great so far (The main character has already almost been burned to death, a battle has already gone one, and it has been discovered that his noble steed is-a person or something). What I really like about it so far is that the main character is so much like me. It will be interesting to see what he does. And what happens. The suspense is killing me! Here's the book.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

A Day In History

Congratulations to Steve Fossett! He is the first person to go around the world in four days on a solo flight with no stopping. He landed in Salina, Kansas at 2:47 pm. Way awesome!

Check out the story here!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Aaaah! Roadkill

Recently, I discovered this awesome candy called Road Kill. It is gummy candy in the form of animals like chickens, snakes, possums, and other miscellaneous rodents. The only thing is they have a huge tire treads going across them and they are all flat looking. They're so cool! But my newly discovered candy has been nixed! Argh! All because of those darn animal rights activists! *Mutter an insult under my breath* They think that this cool candy encourages kids to be cruel to animals. So, now it has decided that the candy will not be produced anymore. After the remaining stuff is sold, it is all over. Good-bye, my beloved road kill! :<(
Here are some new articles on the subject.
Animal Activists Upset at Road Kill Candy
Kraft Nixes Road Kill Candy

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I am SO excited! I found out that I get to go to camp this summer. It will be so fun! I have gone to camp only once before. The camp I am going to is a Secret Intelligence Camp, and it will be at Patrick Henry College. (I've heard that this is a great college!) I will get to do all kinds of cool stuff like tour some of the intelligence related facilities, conduct missions, perform intelligence analysis, and best of all, assume a new identity. Wow! Watch, I'll come home like suspicious of everyone! :<) Check out the website. There are many other cool camps being offered, including Debate, Journalism, and Theatre.