Friday, December 30, 2005

I Doubt Anyone Will Actually Read This...

** Ultimately Fun Long Survey! [Tons of Questions] **due to the length, I have abandoned any hint of punctuation. My apologies.
... Basic Questions

1. First Name?:Danika
2. Middle Name?:Sharli
3. Age?: 17 years and almost 8 months.
4. Birthday?: Cinco de Mayo translated may 5
5. Where do you live?: Somewhere in Colorado
6. Where were you born?: Foutain Valley California
7. Who do you live with?: two parents, two brothers, two sisters, a dog, a cat, and a hermit crab
8. How many siblings do you have?: cinco
9. Pets?: Dog: Chuck cat: Ali Bubbles Crab: Lysistrata
10. Grade at school?: Um, I am a senior in highschool and like a sophmore in college.
11. Where do you go to school?: PCC
12. Hair color?: very dark brown
13. Hair style?: um...washed and combed. :) Actually, I do put bobby pins in it.
14. Eye color?: dark brown
15. Ethnic background?: supposedly, german, irish, indian, Guatemalan, and who knows what else
16. Do you play any sports?: soccer and swimming officially
17. If so, which ones?: see above
18. Do you play any instruments?: yes
19. If so, which ones?: guitar and dabbled in piano a bit
20. Height?: um, if I remember right, it was 5'2" and 3/4
21. Weight?: Most girls wouldn't tell....I think it is like 110
22. Do you look like anyone famous?: not that I know of. Unless my mom is famous and I don't know it.
23. Any nicknames?: Dani and Polka Dotted Pickles
24. Do you like your name?: yup
25. If you could change it, what would you want it to be?: I've always liked the name Blaire, but I wouldn't change my name. maybe my middle name...
26. Any talents?: yup
27. Do you have a cell phone?: nope. don't have the dough
28. If so, which kind?: N/A
29.What is your ringtone?: N/A

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE...(Disclaimer: I can never pick one favorite, so I will pick ONE OF my favorites.)

30. Movie?: "Flight of the Phoenix"
31. TV Show?: don't watch tv
32. Actress?: ok, the previous person said kierra knightly was pretty. What is it with guys I know and her? Hmmm...:) Um, I don't like any.
33. Actor?: Joaquin Phoenix is in some of my favorites and he always makes me laugh
34. Comedy movie?: Napoleon D
35. Romantic movie?: I would never admit that I actually like some romantic movie-wait does corpse bride count?
36. Historical movie?: The Patriot
37. Music Genre?: i listen to a lot-rock, oldies, sorta bluegrass, etc.
38. Band?: collective soul, flyleaf, matchbox 20
39. Singer?: I dunno.
40. Song of all time?: summer of 69-definate absolute fav
41. Dance song?: I don't pay attention to titles
42. Rap song?: uh-uh...okay, so I listened to John Reuben a bazillion years ago
43. Pop song?: shall i admit that i used to listen to pop? I loved Raze when I was littler-much littler
44. Country song?: i don't listen enought to know
45. R&B song?: huh?
46. Store [non-clothing]?: Complete Games and Hobbies
47. Store [clothing]?: Target-good jeans and t-shirts. although hot topic rocks if you have tons of dinero
48. Clothing brand?: i don't care as long as i like the look
49. Couture designer?: i hate anything with the word "designer" in it.
50. Outfit to wear?: jeans, t-shirt, converse, and a ponytail holder (Sadly, my hair is too short for a ponytail right know.)
51. Underwear?: Isn't that inappropriate? Especially since several males read this...
52. Shoes?: converse are my first pick
53. Shoe brand?: all-star/converse
54. Place to go?: library or mountains or my room
55. Vacation spot?: um, i have so many i want to go that i know the one i like now won't be my favorite later.
56. City?: where i live is cool
57. Animal?: dog
58. Candy?: sour patch kids, skittles, a York Peppermint Patties
59. Food?: ice cream
60. Holiday?: Christmas
61. Month?: May-I have a birthday and school ends. This year, I graduate and turn 18. Whoa!
62. Car?: Ideal: CJ-5
63. Thing to do on the weekend?: movies
64. Sport to watch?: swimming, soccer, track events
65. Sport to play?: didn't we already discuss this-or i did-soccer or swimming or track
66. Subject in school?: literature, history, and biology are cool
67. Book?: "Till We Have Faces"
68. Author?: James Herriot
69. Color?: dark bright green-yeah i changed after way too many years
70. Cartoon?: Spongebob Squarepants!
71. Artist?: My art teacher-P. Waltman
72. Disney movie?: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.
73. Disney princess? Kill them all...okay, maybe not. Uh, how about Sleeping Beauty?
74. Quote?: see my sidebar.
75. Inspirational figure?: Einstein-the genius part
76. Era in time?: 50s rock!

... Time for a small break... LIST THINGS

--> 10 Things you can't live without

10]: books
9]: library
8]: library card
7]: learning
6]: god
5]: my family
4]: soap
3]: toothbrush
2]: my notebook
1]: a writing utensil

--> 9 Songs That Describe your life

9]: Wait for Me-RS James
8]: Strong Tower-Kutless
7]: What is it called? Bullet?-Flyleaf
6]: Tourniquet-Evanescance
5]: Homeschool Girl-BOB
4]: Goodwill Day-BOB
3]:I can't think of anymore. Sorry

--> 8 Of Your Favorite Songs

8]: Summer of 69-Bryan Adams
7]: Better Days-GooGoo Dolls
6]: You and Me-Lifehouse
5]: Jailhouse Rock-Elvis:)
4]: Ring of Fire-Johnny Cash
3]: Better Now-Collective Soul
2]: Tourniquet-Evanescance
1]: Six Feet Under-Creed

--> 7 Of Your Best Friends

7]: My Mom
6]: sister
5]: Sarah
4]: Josh
3]: Carissa
2]: Lindsay
1]: Jesus

--> 6 Things You Always Wear

6]: t-shirt
5]: sweatshirt if it is cold
4]: socks
3]: underwear-hopefully
2]: jeans
1]: converse

--> 5 Of Your Favorite Movies

5]: Patriot
4]: Flight of the Phoenix
3]: Napoleon D
2]: Corpse Bride
1]: Matrix

--> 4 Things You Could Always Eat
4]: Ice cream
3]: sour patch kids
2]: mashed potatoes
1]: french fries

--> 3 Things You'd Do With A Trillion Dollars

3]: pay for college
2]: invest
1]: and buy everything else I have ever wanted

--> 2 Of Your Goals-This question isn't fair. I can't summarize them all.

2]: Do everything I have ever wanted to do.
1]: Be a happy person.

--> The Most Important Thing To you

1]: Relationship wth god

77. Are you single?: si, i am.
78. If not, who are you dating?: nada

79. Deleted question.
80. IF you aren't single, how long have you been taken?: Well, God has had me for quite a while...
81. How many boy/girlfriends have you had?: nada
82. Have you kissed the same sex?: that is highly gross!
83. Have you kissed the opposite sex?: Nope.
84. Deleted question
85. Deleted question
86. Deleted question
87. Most romantic memory?: Well, since I haven't been on a date, none really. I did get my promise ring when I was 13 and that was cool, even though it wasn't "romantic" persay.
88. Where would you want to be taken on a date?: Um, I don't think I really care much. As long as I was with a person I enjoyed, it wouldn't matter.
89. Best romantic gift you've ever gotten?: Like I said, the ring was cool, but it wasn't quite romantic in the normal sense.
90. Roses or chocolates?: Um, I would say roses, because I have never gotten roses.
91. Worst ex?: Bwa ha! I don't have one.
92. Best ex?: See above.

** Some time for snobbery - Brag bout yourself!

93. Do you have a cell?: A cell phone? Huh? Didn't we already talk about this. So repetitive...
94. What kind?: blah blah
95. Do you have a computer?: A family computer.
96. What kind?: I dunno. One that works.
97. Most expensive pants?:Um, I bought a pair of Dickies, but I don't remember how much. I don't buy exorbitantly priced clothing.
98. Most expensive purse?: Ha ha! When I do carry a purse which is rare, I carry my messenger bag I got at some skate shop. But once again, I forget how much it cost.
99. Most expensive shirt?: Uh, once again, I don't remember how much my clothes cost. I don't really dwell on that stuff...
100. Do you drive?: yup
101: What kind of car do you have?: 1991 Jeep Cherokee
102. Are you smart?: That depends. I have a 4.0, but, quite unfortunately, I often say things that don't make sense. I think it was in my head right, but it just didn't quite come out right. Like the other day, I commented about a shark drowning. *Sigh* I will never live that down.
103. What kind of grades do you have?: A's.
104. What cool electronics do you have?: Absolutely none. Unless you count a booklight as an electronic device.
105. Do you have an MP3 player?: nope
106. What kind?: *whistles*

** Random questions

107. What's your screen name?: I have several, but generally Polka Dotted Pickles
108. What was your first sn ever?: Ouch! Uh...*racking brain*....Oh, I think Tania the Punk Elf. Please hold back your laughter if possible.
109. Do you use AIM, MSN or yahoo?: Sometimes
110. How many kids do you want to have someday?: I think that would be something I would decide with whoever I marry. Life never goes according to plan, right?
111. What would you name them?: Like I said, who knows how life will go.
112. Do you want to get married?: Definantly.
113. Where do you want to live?: I don't know. I have many ideas. Alaska would rock, in the mountains, in a ski town, etc. Guess I'll get there when I get there.
114. What do you want to study in college?: Veterinary medicine I believe.
115. Do you do drugs?: well...okay, just kidding. Absolutely not!
116. Worst drug you've ever done?: Like someone else once said: caffeine.
117. Do you drink?: no way
118. Do you smoke?: yeah right
119. Best concert you've been to?: Skillet-the first one I went to. I've been to like 4 or 5 since.
120. Trademark saying of yours?: I say sweet a lot.
121. Favorite quote ever?: Ever ever? That always changes. Once again, check the sidebar and see some cool Ben-Hur.
122. Do you like to dance?: Ha! I have not even a vague idea of rhythym.
123. Color you think you look best in?: Um, my Mom says I look good in red.
124. If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be?: Well, I don't think I'd ever completely dye it, but I would like to do a bright green streak. :) My Dad disagrees...
125. Any piercings?:yup
126. If so, where?:ear
127. How many?:5
128. Any tatoos?:No.
129. Where & What?:N/A
130. If you dont have any, do you want a tatoo?: I think I want one just for the experience although I believe I might change my mind, because I know people never like them later in life.
131. What kind?: If I did, something small where people wouldn't see it.

132. Do you like to party?: no.
133. Do you have any video game systems?: my brothers do, but i never play, unless it is Crash Team Racing which is the only video game I have ever been able to play and win.
134. Favorite video game?: CTR
135. How many DVD's do you own?: I don't own any, but my family has obtained several over time.
136. Do you own any TV seasons on DVD/: nope
137. If so, which ones?:see above
138. What's the first pet you ever had?: Well, it is hard to pick a favorite. One that sticks out is a cat Fred-I didn't name him, my Dad did. He had three legs-yeah seriously-but he was the greatest cat. He was so nice, he was like a dog.
139. Favorite grade in school?: Um, I generally dwell in the present, so my senior year is great. It really has been a good one! I've learned a lot.
140. Most missed memory?: All my little kids memories-playing pound puppies, reading for like 8 hours a day, and all that.

** This or That?

141. Britney Spears Pre-KevFed or Britney Federline?: Who're they?
142. Xtina or Britney?: Who's Xtina? <---my words exactly.
143. Jessica Simpson drama or Angelina/Jennifer drama?: Those names ring negative bells in my head.
144. New BSB or Old BSB?: What's that?
145. Movies at home or movies in the theater?: Well, theatre is ideal even though it is expensive and you can't snuggle up on your own comfy couch.
146. Popcorn or candy?: Candy
147. Seven for All Mankind or Diesel?: Who is the first dude?
148. True Religion or Citizens for Humanity?: Um, what's that-again.
149. East coast or west coast?: I would say east, because I lived on the west for most of my life, so it holds less intrigue.
150. Snow or rain?: At this point, snow.
151. Summer or winter?: Winter right now. When it is summer, i'll say summer.
153. Fall or spring?: Hmmm, that's hard. I would say fall since it means a new school year and snow soon enough.
154. Christmas or Valentine's Day? Christmas
155. Audi or BMW?: don't care.
156. Porsche or Lexus?: don't care
157. Range Rover or Rolls Royce?: Duh! The first.
158. Clubs or bars?: Candy bars <---I like this answer,so I am stealing it from the person who previously did this quiz.
159. Breakfast or dinner?: Dinner
160. Pizza or french fries?: Fries
161. McDonalds or Wendys?: McD's
162. Cell phones or pagers?: Phones
163. Lacoste polos or Ralph Lauren polos?: Since when do I wear polos?
164. Makeup or no makeup?: I basically almost never wear it, so none. It is a pain to put it on.
165. Shots or beer?: Neither
166. Cats or dogs?: dogs
167. Rap or rock?: ROCK!!!
168. MP3s or radio stations?: I dunno. I've never had an MP3, so I am unsure.
169. Kissing or cuddling?: Let's not discuss this.
170. Pink or orange?: Orange.
172. Red or yellow?: Yellow
173. Green or blue?: Currently green.
174. Going to the beach or swimming in a pool?: Beach

**Describe your First Times...

175. Deleting question.
176. First time drinking?: Never.
177. First time smoking?: Never.
178. First party?: Do birthday parties count? Because I don't really remember my first.
179. First best friend?: Um, well, I'm sure I had best friends when I was little, but the first real one I had was when I was 13. Her name was Ashley.
180. First movie seen?: Ha! Like I remember that.
181. First date?: Like I said, haven't been on one yet.
182. First kiss?: Haven't had one. Plus, I don't think I'll exactly be sharing when I do have one.
183. First cell phone?: never had one.
184. First CD bought?: Um, I remember the first few. Don't laugh though! Phil Joel and Raze I believe.
185. First crush?: blah blah blah
186. First boyfriend/girlfriend?: Like I said a million times....

** Wrapping it all up...

What time is it?: 2:22 pm
How long have you been doing this?: way too long.
Do you like taking surveys?: this one was fun.
Any final thoughts?: Um, why do I never have anything interesting to say when it is important?

I tag: (If you want to. If you don't, I understand because this thing is senselessly long.)
1. Sarah
2. Josh
3. Aly
4. MVB
5. Muffy


So, at the end of it all. Yeah, I realize this is mostly nonsense. I am suddenly struck with a desire to be more serious now. In reading the blogs of of some other bloggers of the same age as I, I realize...hmm, I don't know what I realize. I guess I wonder why everyone has to be so depressed? Or so fake? I don't get it. I realize that sometimes life sucks. Sometimes it stinks bad. But I don't think it does for a lot of us. Most of us, compared to other people have an awesome life-especialy due to our walks with God. Why does everyone have to look at the negative side of things? I realize that oftentimes it is the easier way to go about things, but maybe we could try to look at the positive. I am definantly not saying to put on fake smiles and pretend like life is great, but maybe we could remember all the awesome things that God has done for us and saved us from and be happy. Really happy even.
And then what about all the fakeness? Why can't we just tell people what we really think? I mean if all of us really look at what we write, why are we writing it? To impress other people? To put on a show? To make people laugh? I guess it seems like whenever I try and write, I have something in my head that I want to say. Sometimes it even goes so far as being typed. But that is usually about as far as it goes. After that it usually all gets deleted and covered up with something more exciting, or not so real. But I am done doing that. I don't want to be afraid any longer of what people will think of me. I want to write what is really inside of me-regardless of what other people think. So, instead of reading over what I just wrote and delete half of it, I am going to just post it....

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

All I Want for Christmas...

No, not my two front teeth! :)

Well, it was an excellent day. Sorry I didn't tell you about it sooner. I got caught up with work and completely changing my college schedule. I have a new desire to explore journalism. This is actually really scary, because I have all throughout high school and prior to that worked on and wanted to be a veterinarian. But lately I feel led to explore this area. I would appreciate it if all of you could pray for God to show me his will!

On to Christmas: Well, we started out by opening presents-who doesn't? Some of my favorites were a photomosaic puzzle (This being the hardest puzzle I have ever done!), this thingy-ma-bobber that lets me roll up my puzzle so I can store it better (Score!), a sort of survival manual for backpacking (I am preparing for this summer.), a copy of "Till We Have Faces", a copy of "The Chronicles of Narnia", an expansion to one of my favorite games (Munchkin games) and a therapy ball (My four year old sister gave me this. Maybe she is trying to tell me something :)). So, those would be some of my favs.

Then, of course, we basically played with the new games and toys all day. I think we played Munchkin close to five times and I played Aubry's new Ants in the Pants game way too many times. My finger started to get sore from all the ant flinging. I also stole my brother's Erector Set and constructed an extremely high tech helicopter. That was fun...

How was everyone else's Christmas?



Finished Product


This is my finished puzzle. It was 1500 pieces-the biggest I have ever done. :) It was great. It has all kind of funny stuff going on. You can't quite see it from the big picture, but it is there. I worked on it pretty much all day Christmas Eve. I was addicted. My mom practically had to yell at me to come to dinnner. Anyway, I got done, but sadly, a piece was missing. I think the company made a mistake, because I had two of one of the outside pieces too. Hmmm....
So, that was a little disappointing. All that work, and a piece is missing. Argh! Well, I am on to my next puzzle already. It is over 100 pieces-one of those photomosaics. I think it will officially be the hardest I have ever done, but I am determined to finish it. Adios! I'll tell you about my Christmas tommorrow.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas

Have a great holiday! I am signing off for the weekend. Sorry I haven't done much. I've been busy...having a vacation. :) Adios

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Heaven Will Be a Giant Library

I LOVE books. I don't know how I survived when I was not able to read. Sometimes I wonder if heaven will be a huge room with lots of comfy chairs and blankets and all the amazing books ever written.

Within the last year or so, I have discovered that I love classics: "Grapes of Wrath", "All Quiet on the Western Front", and "Till We Have Faces" are some of my all time favorites. It seems like every book people have ever told me is boring, I love. It is just a great feeling to take a break from your own life and wrap yourself up in someone else's world. Not just the world of all the characters, but also the author's world. I think writing expresses how someone feels on the inside. Some people may not be able to express themselves very well verbally, but when one can actually create different characters and make them interact, you can really express yourself. And then of course when reading the classics, the language is amazing. Instead of just "cool" or "sweet", there are actually metaphors and similes (I believe....) that very accurately express how a person feels. It can be so frustrating to have an extremely complex idea in your head and not be able to say it. But sometimes I read something in a book that seems like someone looked at my thoughts and very eloquently stated them on paper. I love that! :)

What are some of your all time favorite books?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Do I Have To Grow Up?

It is a scary thought-growing up/becoming an adult. It is such an odd prospect to think that I am done being a kid. No more braces, no more days where school takes me an hour, no more ignorance concerning money or politics. It is so weird when I think back to when I was little. I remember about nine or ten years ago. It was a few days until my birthday and a package had come from my Grandpa and my Mom said I could not open it until my actual birthday. I went out to my swing and pretended I was a poor deprived little girl. Those were the types of problems I used to have. My biggest ones were like that. Not anymore....
Or I remember when the littlest things would make me so excited. Once when we were at Wal-Mart I helped a really tall lady (She must have seemed so tall because I was so short.) get a cart from an area that was really low. I was able to duck in and get one for her. Because of that she gave me five dollars. What a fortune, huh? Well, that is what I thought. Right away I knew exactly what I wanted: Pound Puppies. That must have been my main joy in life when I was seven. I still have all eighty-five that I bought when I was younger.
Now I realize that it is time to be a responsible adult. Go to university, eventually move out and support myself, get married, and maybe someday have kids. My first inclination is to be kind of scared about all of this coming up so fast. But if I can look at it in a better and more positive way, I realize how exciting it actually is. How exciting that I have so many opportunities waiting for me. There are so many things that are out there for me to experience. How cool that I am ready to start training for the job I have wanted since I was little. How cool that I have the priviledge to take care of myself and make my own decisions. How cool that someday I will-maybe :)-find an awesome guy to marry. And how cool that someday I will have kids to love.
So, even though all this can sound scary at times, I just have to remember two things. First, I want to remember how exciting the future is. There are so many awesome things ahead of me. And, second, I remember how God has everything planned out. What a relief! He knows exactly what is in store for me. "' For I know the thoughts and plans I think towards you', says the Lord, 'thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope '". This fact seems to make everything so much easier to handle! :)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

King Kong Review

Hola! Well, I just got back from seeing King Kong. :) I liked it muy mucho! The only drawback was that it was a little long. I got slightly antsy towards the end. But everything else was great-effects, acting, storyline (which I wasn't sure about-gorilla falls in love with a lady). The best part was when these *possible spoiler warning* giant bugs were attacking all these guys. Wow! That was creepy. I actually had the chills. Oh, one other thing that was odd-Jack Black. He just was a little odd in a movie that was supposed to be serious. I just couldn't tell if he was being serious or just sarcastic. I wouldn't reccommend it for younger kids. There was definantly a lot of violence and the "cannibal people" were creepy. I liked them....But for anyone else, I would reccommend it. It was great.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

King Kong

I am SO excited to see this. Peter Jackson-the guy who did Lord of the Rings also did this one. I saw a preview and it looks so sweet!! I think I will go see it this weekend. I heard on the radio that it will be the next "Titanic". Hmmm...could be interesting. :)

PS-Remember to vote for blog awards!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Jones Soda and Homeschool Blog Awards

*Edit December 14*

Hooray! I was nominated for Homeschool Blog. And my Mom was nominated for Homeschool Mom and Pictures. So, if you don't have a homeschool Mom you are voting for, you can vote for mine!! :) Anyway, go vote. It should be fun.

Augh!!!! Wow, I had this stuff this weekend, and I was-literally sickened. I have had the bubble gum flavor and it was great! But this was the holiday pack complete with turkey and gravy, herb stuffing, pumpkin pie, brussel sprouts, and cranberry something. The first was creepy. What the heck? Carbonated gravy? Sick! The second didn't taste like much, although it was still kinda icky. The third was managable. The fourth was another story. My Dad nearly threw up-he gagged. Everyone who tried it was groaning, and I couldn't eat part of my dinner. It literally smelled like opening up a disgusting bathrooom when the bottle was opened. Wow! The experience of a lifetime. I wanted to save some and have some of my "friends" *laughing maliciously* try it. Kidding...The last was a relief compared to the others. It just tasted like some odd, cheap carbonated cranberry drink. :) In conclusion, I would so reccommend this stuff if you want to have a....weird get together. Or maybe if you are on a holiday diet. It will definantly make you not want to eat. :) Check it out here.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Life On Other Galaxies?

I go to a weekly "worldviews"/biblestudy class. In it, one day, a question of "life on other galaxies" came up. Don't ask me how. Because I won't know the answer. Anyway, the guy that teaches it said he believes that there is not life on other galaxies due to the following verses: "For creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who sujected it in hope; because the creation itself also will be delivered from bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pains together until now." Okay, the italicized verse is talking about how creation suffers for Adam's sin. Emphasize whole creation. The teacher says that this would include other galaxies, and why should other galaxies suffer for something Adam did in this galaxy. Okay, I will go with that, but then I wonder why do people in this galaxy suffer for what Adam did? Any thoughts?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Okay, time for a quick post. I went to see the movie last night. I would definantly reccommend it! Although it didn't totally stick to the book which certainly may bug certain people, I think it was excellently made. They kept the "Christian symbolism" in, but not as much as I would have liked. As far as a regular movie goes though, it rocked. The special effects were amazing-especially the battle scenes and all the creatures in the battle scenes. I think my favorite thing was how they did the witch. I don't know who played her, but it was perfect. In one sense, she looked young and really pretty, but then again she looked very old and...icy. :) So, anyway, I would say you guys would enjoy it!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment...instead it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight. 1 Peter 3:3,4

This is definantly one of my favorite verses! Usually, I am not a person that gets real absorbed with all the physical beauty junk, but sometimes it is certainly hard when you are surrounded by people who's whole lives are based on physical beauty. It seems like so many of my peers and friends are obsessed with the physical. Whether it be just a group of girls or guys and girls, no one seems to take the time to get to know the real person. Rather than aquaint themselves with a person's personality, likes and dislikes, or walk with God, it is all...fluff. So, when I find myself surrounded by this way of thinking and, needless to say, find myself getting wrapped up in it, I try to remember this verse. God totally loves me just the way I am! He made me with that stupid curl right in the middle of my stick straight hair, the skin that wants to break out every other day, and all the other stuff about myself I tend to zone in on. I guess he liked me that way, so I should try and like me that way.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Well, the bad news is I didn't get snowed away from school. Darn! The good news is my teacher may be. He lives like an hour away. Hmm, I sound like an awful person, don't I? :)

So, I guess I still have a geography test, an anthropology test, a biology test, and a sociology test. Oh, yes, and a sociology presentation. Curses to whoever decided to put everything all at once at the end of the semester!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More Boringness

Sorry if this hasn't been the most exciting thing to read lately. I can't post pics, because I am getting my computer fixed, and I don't have a lot of time with a bazillion-literally-finals. I just may get lucky though. There is a winter storm warning for tonight and tommorrow, so if I can't get to school, one of my tests will be eliminated. Wahoo!

The weather here is pretty sweet! It is like 30 at 3:00 in the afternoon, tommorrow it is supposed to be 7 degrees, and as I already said we have a winter storm watch in effect.

So, there is some more boringness. Hopefully, things will get more interesting by the end of next week-when the semester is over. Bwa ha ha!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

My Weekend and Irritating Me

Hola! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I did. We did all our Christmas stuff-lights, tree, and all that jazz. It was fun! We also went to a local christmas parade. It was no Macy's Day parade, but it was still fun despite the slight hokiness of it. :) I like knowing all the people in the parade!

Lastly, I went to Josh and Sarah's house to hang out. There was a ton of people. I can't believe that many fit in your house, you guys. :) It was fun, but once again I frustrated myself with my sucky social skills. I am just not that good in crowds. I want to be myself, but I have a tendency to just be a total wallflower and that's not good. I'm sick of being told I'm so quiet and I never say anything. Man, life is a trial sometimes. Well, maybe a lot of times.