Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Adventure Begins

So, I can hardly believe that it is here. Time to leave for Longmont. I have an internship at a wildlife rehabilitation center that starts tomorrow. I plan on leaving about 5 and hope to be up there by 8. God is awesome! I was scheduled to work Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; but I was able to reschedule for Tuesday through Friday. This makes it so it will be easier to come home on the weekends and see family and friends. Plus, then I can work on Monday here in town. Otherwise, I would have been stuck in Longmont Thursdays with no job. I applied for a few last week, but had no luck.

"Perfect love casts out fear..." God is showing me a lot about being a fearless person. While I am walking with him there is no condemnation. I have a tendency to fear things going wrong. I have always planned my life in such a way to avoid hurt and failure. It hasn't always been successful. I have had my share of people hurting me or failing in an area I thought I was supposed to go out and conquer. However, the more I walk in this "adult world"-which is quite different than I expected it to be (Eating ice cream every night without needing parent's permission isn't what I thought it would be when I was nine. Plus, this whole adult thing causes me to be broke most of the time. ;))-the more I realize that even if I do the right thing, bad things can happen. Or even if I follow the "right formula" there is a possibility to get hurt. So, now that I have realized that hurt is inevitable my next dilemna is how to deal with it. It is in realizing that nothing can separate me from His love. If my trust is completely grounded in Him, yes, I may get hurt, but regardless of what I go through, I can have peace and confidence in walking with Him through it all.

So, I am hoping to find some internet up in Longmont. I'll either drag my laptop into a library or coffee shop. Or maybe I can mooch internet off my new neighbors. He he...Just kidding. I think. ;)