Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I shall return. Someday. I leave for Russia/Scandinavia tonight at 8:45. So begin the great adventure. :) I am excited to see what kind of crazy/everyday/awesome/quiet/loud things God will be up to on this trip. I may get on to update occasionally if internet cafes are available; however, I wouldn't count on it. Add me on facebook-Danika Hayden-if you really want to keep up with me whilst I am gone.
God bless!!!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Twelve Days to Takeoff

So, I concluded that there can be too much going on in life to be able to blog about. I am learning so much here and God is speaking to me a lot. There is so much to process and consider that I do not know how to begin conveying any of it. Thus, I post about once a month while I am here. He he....

I am off in a matter of 12 days. Whoa!!! Takeoff to Russia on Wednesday. The first leg of our trip involves Jesus showing Himself through us in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Volgograd. We are hoping to work in an orphanage for part of the time and possibly with an organization that is involved in human trafficking in Northern Europe.

The most important thing on this outreach and for the rest of life after that is the presence of Jesus. He created humans to spend time with us. He died so we could spend time with Him. From this presence, His glory resides inside us. The true ministry-whether it is on outreach or in every day life-happens when people see this glory in us. The cannot help but see that something is different about us and the only explanation is that we have the Creator of the universe residing inside of us. I am SO excited to see how God will work in these next 9 weeks.

God is speaking to me about completely abiding in Him in each moment of each day. It is so easy to not only look forward to the adventures to come, but the adventures to come after the adventure. ;) I haven't seen my family in three months and L in about five. I am SO excited to see them again. Admittedly, maybe more excited than the world travel adventure....? :) However, God holds all things and time in His hands. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have right now and am seizing every minute of every day.