Monday, January 29, 2007

Praise Him!

So, I have a "stalker". I got a few random text messages yesterday about weird junk. Luckily, I had a few guy friends around. My phone rang from the person sending the messages, and Ben scared him off. Then I got a few of the guy's phone numbers who were there, saying to call if it ever turned into something. He he! Now my posse has grown from just my Dad to a few more. As a friend would say, a "mantourage". Ha ha!

Praying for wisdom and guidance through it all. Give me strength to hold on and trust you through it all. Open my eyes to the greater picture and help me to get past myself and my little problems that block my eyes from seeing much else.

Improving my pool game. I still haven't won, but I plan on getting at least one in. I can finally hold the stick right, aim for a ball and get it in the pocket about 50% of the time. Compared to like 0.999% of the time.