Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Please accept my apologies in advance. I have had an interesting day, not bad, just interesting, and I have to rant. So, if you want to skip this, go ahead. And, hey, if you want to rant, comment away.
Rant #1: Group projects-AH!! First, in anthropology a girl and I have a big huge research project. I have done it all so far-the research and the paper writing. Today we had a stupido group test. We had to answer an essay question together. Pardon my rudeness, but she can't even spell or capitalize correctly. I am SO angry! Why should my grade be affected by someone who doesn't even care. She herself said we can-pardon the language-"BS our way through the project". No thank you! I for one want an A.
Rant #2:People!!!!!!! I am so irritated. You know how when people used to be your friend and then they find someone they like better-as in is cooler, whatever-they stop hanging out with you. Well, the two parties involved are very close to me. Very. And now they hang out all the time. Augh! I am so angry! That sounds very preschoolish, doesn't it?

Okay, that was nice. On to more positive things. I am SO close to getting my college applications done! I am hoping to get them out by the 31st. That will be a huge load off my back. Then I have to go on to scholarship applications. Oh, joy!

News of the day: I got a shot. :( Actually, it wasn't as bad as I expected. I was like a little kid-all nervous, worried it would hurt. But it didn't. Hooray!

Today in geography, we were talking about Anastasia and Czar Nicholas. That was WAY interesting. I think I want to do some research on it. If I can find any time that is. :)

Well, I will stop inundating everyone with needless tidbits of wackiness. So, I'll sign out.